Sunday, 1 September 2013

Oh No

Something happened this afternoon that has caused us all sorts of stress. The wee man finally turfed himself out of his cot which had been on its lowest setting. He hadn't really tried this in the past but it didn't take him long to realise how to flip himself out. Now he has a proper cot bed and we're dreading tonight and subsequent nights. I thought we had more time...

He is very good at going to bed normally but now there is the added distraction of all the toys in his room which are easily accessible. I can imagine him putting him to bed and suddenly he's playing with his truck or even appearing at the living room door. Did you watch that show Bedtime Live? Well I bet we'll be on that the next series, oh God what are we going to do? Not only are we having another child, we're moving house and we now have a toddler boy in his own bed who isn't going to sleep! I'm running away, that's it, nothing else for it.

We've just introduced the wee man to his new bed and he spent ten minutes jumping up and down and then he got down very quickly and ran off. This is what tonight will be and tomorrow night and the next and the next and the next and the next....

How we have reached this stage is beyond me and he is now one of two of his friends to be in a bed so it's new ground for everyone. Will we make it through the night?


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  1. Unfortunately it's the perils of the 'big bed'! Our daughter has been in hers since she was 18 months, and is now 2 1/2. We don't have issues with her going to bed, any more, but during the night she wakes..every single night! I won't go in to how ridiculously awful it can be ( I cover some antics in my blog).
    What works(ish) for us, is the kiss and cuddle routine. She gets a kiss and a cuddle on going to bed, plus the usual story etc. Then she is on a promise for more kisses and cuddles if she stays in bed for a couple of minutes, and waits our return. If she gets up, she is put back to bed with no reward, until the next time. As I said, she goes to bed no problem now, but this routine we use during the night too.
    Good luck.