Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Golden Days Revisited

This weekend has been much like last weekend and for that matter all the weekends I can remember. I've painted, I tried to get some time to myself which has invariably become family time and I've sat late in the afternoon wondering where the time has gone. But this is life, no?

I used to look like this (insert arrow pointing left here). I found this picture today while taking down some shelves so I could paint. It's been a long time since I've seen this. I don't know why it's important but it made me think back to a decade or so ago when life was full of promise and I had great hair. Don't I look youthful and full of life? Pretty, non?

This picture was taken during the 'hippy years' but I can't remember too much of that time, obviously because they were the 'hippy years' (you see what I mean). It's incredible though that one moment you've got long hair and you're listening to psychedelic jazz and the next you're picking up pasta off the floor while your son thinks it's fun to clamber onto your back and stick his thumbs in your ears. This is what he likes to do now as well as poking stuff in his eyes. It happens often when he's on my shoulders and I suddenly feel his thumbs slowly making their way into my ears. Tell that fresh faced lad up there this would be happening and he would probably run off to Japan (like I planned) and never come back. What happened?

I dare say the wee man will turn into this liberal hippy douche bag, I freely admit I was a bit douchey at the time but I go back to the point that I had great hair and a brilliant array of music t-shirts. One day, and I won't even notice how much time has flown, he will come in looking like this and I'll probably laugh, that it until I see this picture again...


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