Monday, 5 August 2013

Dad's Pants

After a spectacular heat wave (which I hated) we now have torrents of rain. With the wee man now nearly spot free I decided to take him pant shopping with me. To cut a long story short I had bought, some time ago, some cheap pants from a store beginning with p and ending in k. I never usually shop here for a variety of reasons but now I have another reason why not, they were dreadful. Anyway I've decided to go all upmarket with my new pants shopping at my favourite middle age store M&S. These aren't just any pants they're M&S pants and by gum do they feel good.
Anyway while standing in the queue to pay I heard some tedious woman ask her daughter, who must have been about my age, if she thought the wee man had chickenpox. Hearing this I didn't respond as I couldn't be bothered. She asked her daughter again and then called from down the line to me 'does he have chickenpox?'
I responded by saying 'He's at the end of it so you won't get infected'. She then preceded to tell me that she couldn't get in contact with chickenpox or shingles or she would have to go hospital and most likely die. She then moved about ten feet further away from me and moaned about having to cover her mouth.

I have been more than happy to keep the wee man from society while he has been dangerous. However he's no longer infectious as his remaining couple of spots have crusted over and even if he was infectious I would have to rub him over her or make him cough over her to infect her. She's more likely to catch it before the spots appear as that's when children are most infectious so maybe she should avoid all children just in case. Anyway I wasn't going to leave my place in the line as I had to buy my superior pants. So I left her standing muttering to herself some twenty feet away.

Just so you know the pants and my new pajamas are great and it didn't take long for me to return before I was happily wearing them in the middle of the afternoon. Rainy days can be fun!



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  1. I would have told the wee man to go and stand by the nice lady! Silly woman.