Wednesday, 7 August 2013

We Need To Get Into The Map...

It's Wednesday! Why excited? Well because it's Baby Centre day! Yay! OK it's not too exciting really but at least it's something new to write about. This week I ask, do you really 'like' your children? It's not as daft as it sounds and I'm not saying you don't love your child but I wonder how many people will be honest about their children and how they feel about them. Will it be you???

Anyway onto everyday life. Having been doing this stay at home lark for over a year now finding new things to do and places to go has become difficult. I have visited most of the parks, the beaches and attractions in one form or another. So today I unfurled a large map of Newcastle and the surrounding areas hoping for inspiration. The wee man had other ideas though and promptly decided to 'get into the map' and kick around. This was a game in itself and ate up a good half an hour. Who needs toys and books when you have a large map of Tyneside.

I was not at all inspired by my map and we ended up just bimbling about at places we normally spend our time. There are some days when you do this and you are so devoid of ideas you can barely make anything more interesting than a cheese sandwich. My mind feels like a piece of flat bread. Not to worry a bottle of wine and some crap food will no doubt spark my mind into action or turn the flat bread into crumbs. Probably the latter. Whose for the casino with the toddlers tomorrow?


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