Tuesday, 20 August 2013


You know it's been a slow day when the most exciting thing in your day is being evacuated from a contemporary art gallery with a voice shouting "THERE'S AN EMERGENCY! GET OUT NOW OR YOU'LL DIE IN A FIERY FURNACE OF DOOM AND CONTEMPORARY ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

OK I'm paraphrasing a little but it went something like that. At our regular Tuesday group at The Baltic the siren went off and a voice not quite as threatening as the one above told us to leave. I'm guessing someone left the toast unattended. It's quite something trying to get a room full of parents and toddlers to leave without being able to use pushchairs or panic. I felt very sorry for the mum of two who was told she wasn't allowed to use the lift and therefore not be able use her pushchair. She had to battle her way down a few flights of stairs with her two kids one of whom was very young indeed.

Once outside it was even harder to entertain these children on the side of the road. There were quite a few tears as we stood at the back of the place. The wee man himself just seemed quite happy to sit on my shoulders and shout at cars and buses as they went past.

Luckily for all we were allowed back in before they stopped serving their full English breakfasts. A strongly worded note would have been written it this hadn't had happened I tell you. Despite being close to missing out of good food it was all quite exciting but that probably says more about me and my life right now. Mundane I guess for everyone else...


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