Thursday, 1 August 2013

Calling Dr Ranj?

Happy Yorkshire Day everyone! The greatest county in the country celebrates its very own day today and rightly so. I might have been born in Edinburgh but I did spend a good chunk of my childhood in Leeds so I feel that I'm at least part Yorkshire man as well as part Geordie and part Scot. So drink a good Yorkshire ale tonight in celebration and thank that deity you worship for the county that once almost (not really) got independence.

Anyway the days here at HQ are getting quite repetitive as are I would imagine your views of this blog. Chicken Pox again? Well yes Chicken Pox again as it doesn't appear to going away. We have been to the beach three days in a row now and as much as I love the beach having no one to talk to is getting a little annoying. The wee man's face is now covered in spots and it's pretty obvious what he has so I'm doing my best to keep his away from people. The next location we'll visit will be the deep dark wood and then the underneath of a bridge.

I bet if I went to see Dr. Ranj (Get Well Soon fame) he would get rid of this straight away with a cheery song and some under the counter drugs. Is he a real doctor anyway? Who knows, I'm not going to waste my time finding out. Anyway all his patients despite being puppets seem to get cured right away with no questions asked. How does he do it apart from being horrendously smiley and having a lovely singing voice? I wish I could style my hair like his.

Anyway I promise from tomorrow to talk about something other than spots and I actually get a break from the pox this weekend as I alone sans family am going to a wedding somewhere in Lancashire (boooooo. The county not the wedding). It will be nice to get away from creams and spots for a while. The Chancellor can handle calamine duties for a while as I rest my weary head. It's a hard life.


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