Thursday, 29 August 2013

Is The Wee Man A Miniature Version Of Me?

I have just been passed a rudimentary doodle from The Chancellor claiming that the wee man and I are 'both exactly the same' (apologies for the fact that the picture is on its side). This is not true in the slightest bit true and here are a list of reasons why.

  1. He's mental, I am not.
  2. He likes to leap off footstools, I do not.
  3. He eats woodlice, I do not.
  4. He likes to throw rocks into drains and into overflow piping, I do not.
  5. He tantrums A LOT, I only tantrum every now and again
  6. He sleeps with a rabbit, I suck my thumb (but don't tell anyone).
  7. He likes throwing things, I don't like picking them up.
  8. I like a quiet life, he does not.
  9. I like day dreaming, he stays awake now during the day.
  10. I like sitting quietly in a coffee shop, he like sitting throwing things in a coffee shop.
  11. I like a good walk, he would prefer to be carried on my shoulders leading to a small if slightly significant recurring pain in my neck.
  12. I like sleep, it took him over a year to get him over onto my team.
There you go, what more proof do you want?


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