Monday, 26 August 2013

The Wee Man, The Roman

With the sun having returned to our lives again and it being bank holiday Monday The Chancellor decided that we should go out and have some super duper family fun time. So instead of going to the beach as we normally do we went inland along Hadrian's Wall to a place called Chesters. If you don't know the north of England so well, it's the ruins of a Roman fort. What remains is sort of a stone adventure playground set in an idyllic location.

Apart from possibly smashing his head off a large slab of stone and bleeding to death in the middle of nowhere it's a fairly safe place for him and once you get that fear out of your head it's pretty good fun. He did more running around and climbing in the hour and bit we were there than he has done all weekend. I too under the warm sun haven't done so much exercise in a while and the sweat pouring down my face was testament to that. Next time we do anything along the lines of super duper family fun it's going to be less strenuous.

In other news today The Chancellor has written an A4 sized timetable of things we need to do before we try and sell our flat next month. In brackets after every job is one of our names and 90% of the jobs have my name after it, I think I got the short end of the stick there. My weekends have been organised for me and there is nothing on list that is fun. Good times.


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