Monday, 19 August 2013

The Wee Man, The Model

The wee man and I are famous. You might be saying "But Jamie aren't you already world famous?", well yes I am but now we're really really super duper famous.

We now appear on a giant poster outside where we go for our regular Monday group with my very good friend Sensory Mummy. To be honest I hadn't really listened to what the lady had said to me at the time of the picture taking and I didn't realise we would be plastered on a couple of billboards. The lesson here is to actually listen to people when they talk to you. Oh well.

The wee man, naturally, takes centre stage in the middle picture as I look distinctly bored in the bottom picture. I don't think I was bored at the time of the picture being taken, I guess it was probably more of an uncomfortable feeling. Either way I look slightly weird but have no fear people of the world I am indeed 100% trust worthy around children.

Anyway it must be a real coup for them to have a celebrity to endorse the playgroup. We're now holding our breath for the massive influx of people to come and join us. What's that? No one knows who I am? I'm only a celebrity in my own mind? I'm an over blown gas bag? I guess you're right.


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