Thursday, 8 August 2013

Cbeebies For Ever And Ever And Ever...

A while ago the wee man was playing with the TV remote and inadvertently added Cbeebies to the favourite list. This was the only channel put on the list and it took me a while to work out how to remove it from said list. I wasn't bothered that he'd decided to show his devotion to the channel, the problem we had was that because of what he had done every channel became Cbeebies. I put it onto BBC 1 we got Cbeebies, I put it on E4 we got Cbeebies, adult channel- Cbeebies etc. etc.

We were stuck in some crazy infinite loop of children's TV and lunatic programmes like Justin's House, which by the way is far too loud and off the wall for normal human being to cope with. Anyway, eventually, after having to read the instructions for the TV I worked out how to get it off the favourite function but it was not easy. I was able to return to my own favourite shows.

I don't know what the point of this story is as I've lost the will to live today and I've just come back in from a swim. Maybe it tells me he's smarter than me, maybe it says he watches far too much TV, maybe it's tells me that children have become so intuitive these days that they have no fear of technology. Maybe I'm talking out my arse. Who knows.

One thing the story tell you is how absurd parenting is sometimes, to enhance this view the wee man is currently trying, with all his might, to climb up the freezer. Why is he doing this? Who the hell knows, why do I tell you pointless stories?


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