Tuesday, 6 August 2013


We are back in business. Finally a week and a bit after the first spots appeared I have had some adult conversation today. We are socially acceptable again and no one is running away from us and diving for cover. The good times are back as we've now been liberated from our spotty prison. The air is sweeter, the bird's song is louder and even coffee tastes blah blah blah.

Now that people are willing to spend time with us, today the wee man also finally got to play with one of his little friends. Not that he was in the least bit bothered by this, he just carried on as he has been doing. He was though firmly pushed out of the way, by his friend, when he tried to get into his friend's pushchair. You can't steal another bloke's ride now matter how nice it is and I've got no sympathy for the wee man.

Life is good again and we can now do all those things we've been desperate to do all week like afternoon drinking and extreme BMXing and causing social ills. The wee man's choice of activity is always a little bit more advanced than other toddlers. I indulge him too much I think.Tomorrow we're going bungee jumping to a museum, just because we now can. I'm really pushing the boat out aren't I?!

Luckily you can only get the pox once as I never want to go through that again, oh wait no I'm wrong, I'm having another child which means we have to go through everything again. Bad times.


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