Sunday, 4 August 2013

Do We Have Any More Pudding Left?

Julian Barnes is by far my favourite novelist. In one of his novels he describes marriage as like 'A long drawn out meal with the pudding at the start'. Having been married for four and half years I can truly say this is only totally partially correct. However every time we go to weddings now I can't help but tell the newlyweds this statement and they're generally not sure what to make of it. This is probably quite mean of me on the happiest day of their life. In a few years though I'm sure they'll tell newlyweds the same thing.

Anyway last night The Chancellor and I had fun at the latest wedding and even though I have a pregnant wife who can't drink I still drove home. I think I can now count with two fingers the amounts of time I haven't got stinking drunk at a wedding. Hoorah and by George do I feel great today while everyone else skips another Sunday.

The wee man had fun too with his grandparents and decided to save all his crying until we got home, which was very kind of him. Even though his spots are decreasing he still finds it uncomfortable when he gets hot at night and wants to itch the crap out of his face. But he does look much better today.

Our rehabilitation starts tomorrow and we are going to a populated area where there might be other children. We will attempt to go to our usual Monday playgroup and hope that the parents there don't make their children or the wee man wear a face mask.

I think we're past the infectious stage but to be honest I'm done with staying away from people, I never thought I would ever say this but it's true. So I shout out to my friends, "Do you want to come an play next week?"- please respond to the usual places. If you don't respond I will take it that a). you haven't read the blog or b). you don't trust me when I say we're past the infectious stage. Would I trust me? Ummmm...


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