Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Man Flu Part 2

I've been crippled today with man flu. Though the lack of sympathy is startling, Funny Mummy calling me a 'Big girl' this morning because of my no show at our regular Baltic playgroup. The Chancellor on the other hand has been much nicer, finishing work early and bringing me mint tea. Oh she's a keeper is The Chancellor. The wee man doesn't really care I'm greatly impaired as he just continues to ride his firetruck over my head repeatedly, what a loving son.

But it doesn't matter how ill you are there is still a boy to look after and walk twice a day. So I sucked in my belly, wrapped myself up in my winter woollies (despite it being 20 odd degrees) and took him off to run along a beach for half an hour. In the end it was all too much for my weary muscles to take and back home we came. Luckily for everyone concerned The Chancellor was not far behind me. She then had to put with me moaning for a long while about how rubbish I feel. But don't worry fair readers I will be back to my best hopefully tomorrow after a rest and some Night Nurse, which by the way is the most amazing stuff in the world.

So it's chicken noodle soup and dried toast for me tonight followed by an early night to shiver under the duvet. I am of course not the kind of chap who over exaggerates things at all and pain in genuine. There must be a study conducted to find out why man flu is much worse than all other strains of flu. It's crippling.

I can barely stay sitting up and need to go and get under my lovely pink rug. I'll see you tomorrow, that's if I make it through the night...


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