Monday, 12 August 2013

Me Vs. Birds (Of All Types)

When the most eventful thing in your day is being pooed on by a bird then you know your day has been quiet. This happened as I waited, under a tree, for my friend Sensory Mummy so we could to go to our regular Monday playgroup. Now a world famous blogger such as myself can't be seen to have excrement in my hair so I frantically cleaned out the poo with Costa napkins and baby wipes while using the flip function on my camera phone. And I tell you something this was a large poo.

By the time my friend arrived my cool and suave exterior had returned apart from smelling oddly of poo and fragrances wipes and if you've never smelt it it's an odd combination. Luckily no one at the group smelt my hair so I was saved from ridicule. Not that people smelling my hair is a regular thing.

You'll be pleased to know though that I have washed since returning home and I now smell lovely again, so if you want to smell me then please do so, I have nothing to hide.

Apart from this incident, today has been devoted mainly to Thomas the Tank Engine. The new animated series has a theme tune I just can't get out of my head no matter how hard I try. The major problem I have is that now when I sing the song to myself the wee man hears and races off to find his Thomas DVD and gets really excited that we're going to watch it. He bounces up and down pointing at the TV holding the box.

When I then say 'sorry no TV just yet' he gets a little upset, which is totally my fault for teasing him with the song. Once he calms down I find myself, by accident and unconsciously, singing the theme again and we are suck in a vicious cycle. I succumed eventually today as I quite enjoy watching Thomas anyway and I can a bit of a sit down while the wee man goes wild at seeing Thomas. Everyone's a winner.

So the moral of the story today is don't stand under trees and carry lots and lots of napkins in your back pocket and of course invest in a flip function camera phone.


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