Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Wee Man, The Baker

Wednesday wouldn't be Wednesday without a Baby Centre blog. This week the topic is discipline. Have you ever used a naughty step or a naughty corner or have you used smacking as a means of telling your child they did something wrong? is where it's at this week so why not pop over there and have a look.

As for today you'll be pleased to know that my man flu has gone from critical to stable but I tell you it was touch and go for a while there. Luckily the past four days the wee man has been sleeping from 6:30pm to 9am which means I can have a little snooze and wake up naturally. Bliss. Sorry to those of you whose children are up considerably earlier but seeing as in less than five months I won't be sleeping at all I'm entitled to be smug about his sleeping habits at the moment. I need to get as much sleep as possible at the moment. Why the wee man has been sleeping longer is anyone's guess and how long it will last is another million dollar question but I intend to enjoy it while it lasts. I bet now I've told you this tonight he will be up and then again at some dreadful early hour tomorrow morning.

The downside to him getting up so late is that he's stopped napping and that precious two hour window of peace I used to get is now gone, I now have more time to fill with him. 'So why not do some baking?' I thought to myself foolishly and we set about making some biscuits and shortbread, alas I overcooked the latter because the book I was using was written in the days before fan ovens existed so I was left with a burnt mess. The biscuits were a winner especially for the wee man as the contained chocolate chips. It was all going well until the wee man decided to tip half a bag of flour all over himself. It might be some time before we try that one again.



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