Saturday, 10 August 2013

Family Fun Day

Good tidings to you blog readers, I hope your Saturday afternoon is bringing you as much fun as it is for me. Wow I sound enthusiastic don't I? Well there's a first time for everything.

On to today and this morning, with The Chancellor having to work, I took the wee man with some of my friends to a family fun day. Yes that's right a family fun day. Most of this family day was very nice and it was very nice seeing my friends and there was also a cracking little cake stall. However there was one awful part of it all which, depending on how you looked at it, almost ruined it for everyone or allowed us all to have a good laugh.

As we sat nicely having a picnic on a grassy area in front of a bandstand, a bunch of young musicians were sound checking. One would imagine that at a family fun day the band would play some fairly non offensive stuff, maybe Dire Straits or some such. People could have a sing to this and maybe even dance. I of course wouldn't be dancing but those inclined to do so could have a nice jig about.

Instead this band, fronted by an AWFUL lead singer, preceded to play some of their own songs all of which were completely inappropriate for an audience of elderly people and families. It didn't help that the lyrics were shit (sorry to swear). At points the lead singer lost himself over the band's rock music screeching 'YEAHHHHHH' and 'OOOOOHHHH' at the end of ever line.

It didn't help that the poor lad was so out of tune and his voice was breaking every few words. We, as a group, lasted about three songs before having to get the hell out of there. You could see a lot of other people looking at each other and thinking 'bloody hell, who chose this lot to play? Let's get out of here'. Who ever had organised the music side of the event is going to be in a wee bit of trouble tomorrow.

The wee man though and some of his friends loved this band and spent the three songs dancing about. This was sad for me as I always hoped my son might have a good taste in music. Now tough I'm not so sure. I think I need to break out my Fairport Convention and Miles Davis records.


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