Saturday, 17 August 2013

Think Thin

Boys weekend this weekend with The Chancellor away for a couple of days. To fill our time even a soft play has been visited but to honest, apart from a few moments of claustrophobia deep in the soft play maze and the realisation that I’m still very unfit, the trip was a success. 

The wee man has no fear climbing, tunnelling and sliding down slides often leaving me far behind as he adventures off by himself. I’m somewhere behind huffing and panting and sweating like some giant beast in the desert. And you know it’s a sad day when you get stuck half way down a slide while your son whizzes down past you on the adjoining slide. Think thin was the motto of the day.

His desire to do it all by himself is something quite impressive and he doesn’t quite know what the word ‘clingy’ means. This though isn’t all good as he tends to run off and investigate places he shouldn’t, women’s hand bags for instance or staff only areas. Vigilance is key with him.

Once when he was out with The Chancellor and some our friends, she asked them to watch the wee man for a moment as she popped back to the car. In an instance as their backs were turned he had made it all the way to the other side of the park and was about to be taken out by a girl on a swing.

His speed is something else as is his strength which was notable today with him able to climb over a foam wall that was bigger than him. He tried and tried until finally he managed to flip himself over and off he ran with me struggling to get over this wall in the background. And I tell you it wasn't a pretty sight to watch my arse disappear over a foam wall, sorry to those who had to watch my best impression of a beached whale.

Never mind it's all good for the old fitness but maybe not so much for the pride. Next time I promise I'll be more prepared and I may have to stretch off a bit too...


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