Saturday, 3 August 2013

You Can be My Wing Man Anytime

I had it all planned. A day and night away by myself but...The Chancellor and the wee man have now decided to join me on my trip away. This of course is sad lovely but it puts a dampener on my plans to sit in peace and watch the cricket and maybe have a snooze in a fully reclining chair as I do so. This was going to be delightful as there would be no child climbing over me or wife telling me it was time to take the bins out.

I had it all planned but alas this will not be happening. Sad times. Instead I now have to listen to the wee man throwing his toys around and getting up to mischief. Already in the space of an hour he has managed to soak himself by pouring a full watering can over himself. And The Chancellor has juts walked past me trying to hide some garden scissors that I guess the wee man has been playing with. I had it all planned...

But what I do have now is a wing man for the wedding I'm attending tonight. Going to such events by yourself can sometimes be hard, especially when you can't drink. Having a wing man makes life a bit easier and there now is the possibility that I can drink, though I need to alert The Chancellor to the fact that she may have to will have to drive tonight. Always the way.

My parents have the delight of looking after the chickenpox boy tonight though his spots are going down which is a relief for all of us. Some are still very sore but he looks less like some social outcast now. He also seems much happier generally as he charges around his grand parent's house without any trouble. Up and down the stairs he goes without any cause for concern. All back to normal? We can only hope.

Whether he is good for his grand parents or not tonight is anyone's guess but we'll be an hour away so I'm not really going to be thinking about it. Plus once you arrive at a wedding you can't just leave straight away so even if a phone call did come through that he was being troublesome we would have to take our time coming home. Who put my phone on silent?



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