Friday, 30 August 2013

The Chancellor, The Invalid

Today I have an immobile Chancellor with me along with a boy whose new favourite thing to do is poke his own eyes and giggle. The Chancellor pulled a muscle in her back and it's so bad she couldn't eat her breakfast this morning and therefore couldn't go to work so I've been taking care of her. As she's pregnant she can't take any drugs so she just whinges at me...all the time. Also she doesn't often take the day off through illness as she's a slave to a spotless record so her back must bad. As for the wee man and his ocular past times, don't ask, he's just weird.

I did feel sorry for him this morning, as at our Friday playgroup he got so excited by the bouncy castle that he launched himself off landing on his neck pretty hard then not long after he slipped on the floor while running and smacked his head hard on the ground. All this in the first five minutes so he wasn't interested in having fun after all this, to be fair I wouldn't be.

We didn't stay long but also I had to get back to make sure The Chancellor hadn't fallen over and run aground on the floor. Let's just say she's finding it hard to get off her back at the moment and yes there is an element of comedy about her struggling like a turtle upside down on the floor...even if she doesn't see the comedy herself...That's me dead tonight. Anyway hopefully the heat pads I bought her will keep the chatter down tonight.

Getting the wee man to stop poking his eyes might be a much harder task, as he seems to really enjoy doing it.Why? Who knows as he is totally mental. Though he has done weirder things but I won't tell you what they are as they're gross...


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