Sunday, 25 August 2013


Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, with fifteen blogs to go until the possible/probable end of the line for One Man, life doesn't get more weird than the wee man kicking over a pantyliner display in a supermarket. Why? Who knows but it's safe to say he didn't do it because he was so excited by the super absorption power of the pads. After yesterday's barbecue debacle we were looking for a better day and guess what we didn't get it. I won't bore you with the details as I've told you enough times this past year of the troubles he gets into.

Instead of the negatives there are some fun thing about being a parent. I'm a sucker for buying him things. My local shop often has an excellent range of children's magazines and they are lovely and brightly coloured and affixed with ace toys and right next to the checkouts. I'm sold.

I was close to buying the Octonauts magazine today as it came with an amazing Octonaut's belt for me but I chose the sensible option instead. The winner was the Thomas The Tank Engine magazine but this isn't a bad thing as it did come with with a couple of trains which I've been playing with now for most of the evening. Ace.

His little face lights up when I come home with one of these magazines and seeing as it takes me about a week to read a Saturday newspaper why not just fill my reading time with a Thomas magazine. He probably recognises Thomas more than me now as the only thing he wants to watch and read about is Thomas. He's not the only one I know, a couple of his friends have caught the Thomas bug too and I can see why. I do like a good train too!


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