Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Final Countdown?

It's Wednesday so that means Baby Centre time. This week's blog was inspired by a family member sharing another blog about the dangers of segregating toys into sex. is my opinion on it so I can imagine you'll all be clambering over each other just to read it, whatever you do make sure you don't crash the server in your haste, I wouldn't want you all to go and have a look at the same time. Ration yourself please.

I must inform you that One Man and a Wee Bairn has thirty days to run before the landmark of writing a post everyday for a year. Whether it will continue is still to be decided as I had said originally I would do a year of writing then call it a day. Obviously now with child #2 on the way the blog may well continue but in what form I'm not sure yet. 'One Man, a Wee Bairn and and even Weer Bairn' is one idea as is 'The Tales of an Unhappy Man, Two Children and a Sleep Deprived Wife' is another. I dare say the latter will probably more appropriate, until that is child #3 is announced and if and when that happens I'm just going to give up.

We have here at One Man HQ always held true to the motto of 'Vade Rabie' which loosely translates as 'Go With The Madness' or 'Go Frenzy'. I think in the past year I have adequately gotten over to you the madness of being a stay at home parent. I have enjoyed telling you about the wee man and I's time together and to some extent if the blog does finish it will be a sad day and I'm sure I'll miss it.

Time will also play a big part in my decision making as I already struggle to fit in half of what I want to do in my day and I generally want an extra couple of hours that the day doesn't provide to complete all my tasks. When I have two children time will go completely and I'll barely have time to go to the toilet or eat or relax or sleep or stay alive.

I will make my decision in due course maybe after I've cleared away all the wee man's trucks and the other mess he has made and made tea and washed up...


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