Friday, 9 August 2013

Life In A Multi-Storey Car Park

First off today a big One Man shout out for the very excellent Carroty Custards which is a new playgroup the wee man and some of my friends attended today. For a pretty nominal fee there is plenty to do for the wee man and his little friends and for even less of a nominal fee we get coffee and croiasants. You can't go wrong with that. Happy children and parents all around.

Apart from buying the wee man a multi storey car park today I have also booked myself in at my very first blogging convention. Not only will it be fun (maybe) and I get to go with my fellow Baby Centre blogger Ericka Waller but my kind editors at Baby Centre are paying for my ticket and some travel costs (Plus spending money?). Win/win situation I think.

But what happens at a blogging convention? And how do bloggers let their hair down in London over a weekend? These are just two questions that I'm going to be thinking about until November. Are they all going to be massive ravers? Or will we all just be sitting there on our laptops and tablets blogging about how we're at a blogging convention? Or some of us could blog about how lame it is to blog at a blogging convention. I'm over thinking this I think.

I must say though we're a pretty lively bunch us bloggers or we used to be before we had children so giving us the chance to get away to the big smoke without our family could be dangerous. Very dangerous. LONDON WE'RE COMING AT'CHA! And then after an hour or so we'll fall asleep with a good book and a cup of tea.


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