Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Life At Sea...

When people ask me what I intend to do once I finish full time childcare I never quite know what to say. I know I won't be going back to my old job so I'll need to find a new career. Now though I've decided, I want to be an Octonaut. Why would want to do anything else? I could live under the sea protecting fish and that, while living in the Octopod and riding around in the Gups.

If you haven't watched Octonauts let me fill you in. Captain Barnacles (he's a polar bear) leads to crew with his first mate Kwazii (he's a pirate cat), Peso (he's a penguin medic) and various other creatures including an octopus whose a professor. Their mission is to rescue and protect all the underwater creatures in the sea. Oh a life at sea is indeed a life for me.

The one thing I would be a little worried about, apart from sharks, would be job security. I have often wondered who funds the Octonauts? Their array of ships must be expensive as must be the running of the Octopod (a giant underwater home in the shape of an octopus). They don't seem to get holidays either and it looks like they're all on zero hour contracts, apart from Captain Barnacles of course. Do they get a pension? Plus their life insurance premiums must be sky high taking into account they mostly live underwater and spend their time around dangerous animals.

Despite these apparent failures in ethical work practices they all seem pretty happy with life. I'm not sure what I could bring to the team and my fear of genetically modified sharks will no doubt hamper me but I'm ready and willing to leave it all behind and be one of the Octonauts.


Picture: Jeremytarling/Flickr 

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