Sunday, 11 August 2013

What I Love About Sunday

This morning went like this-

  • Wee man wakes me at 06:00
  • Wee man run through and wakes The Chancellor up at 07:30
  • I go back to bed until 09:30
  • Wee man has a nap at 09:50
  • Everybody goes back to bed for two hours.

There is something quite satisfying about still being in your pyjamas at around mid day and eating a full English breakfast. Who needs to go and chase the day when the day is Sunday. It's the most I've felt like a student since having the wee man but every now and again there's nothing wrong with this. We have though against all odds managed to achieve some things during the rest of the day, much to our surprise. The Chancellor has been out with her friend and the wee man and I've managed to paint the kitchen. Efficient.

The day at one point was looking bleak for me when we headed to meet The Chancellor's friend at the agreed location of a soft play. Oh no. Luckily the play area shut within the hour so the two of them with the children headed off to the park instead and I managed to run off home. Ace. Only though to be faced with a kitchen so in need of painting that previous paint was now peeling away from the walls. I'm not one for maintenance. Though if you're in need of a painter decorator then look no further, I'm grrrrreat.

I feel now that I've earned the chocolate flapjack I bought yesterday at the family fun day after all my hard work. Sundays need not be depressing when there's DIY to do.



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