Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Proud Dad Moment

After a couple of weeks of your baby doing nothing new and you feel your boredom levels rise, you begin to question what more I can possibly write in a daily blog and how much more I can take of this. Should I go out and cause trouble in a cafe somewhere just to have something to say?

But then your baby suddenly does something cool that lifts your head up from The Guardian daily crossword. That thing today was independent standing. As I write he is standing by himself gnawing on our digital camera looking pretty pleased with himself and so he should. It's an impressive thing to gain the strength, co-ordination and balance to get up up to standing. This may seem like I am gushing but sod it I've had nothing new to excite me for a while and so I'm running with this. I was beginning to get worried, when I found him this morning covered in paint after eating the bars in his cot, if he had moved from cute things in his mouth stage to full blown Pica. But that is now a distant memory as I have something new to show off. Son, you have peaked my interest once more and you are again worthy of my attention! God knows, as a proud Father, how I would react if he won the Nobel prize for Physics or Peace or even won the World Cup for England in the final minute against Germany.

However any new exciting thing is usually tempered this time by the discovery of him eating his own foot. 'You can't do that in public Son, people will think you're a crazy person.' There's the Pica again. The Chancellor will wonder what I'm teaching him.

Walking is next and that will probably be the end of me so for now I can be proud for an afternoon before returning to boredom until he invents a time machine.


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