Saturday, 29 September 2012

Time Gentlemen Please

I feel bad this morning and this is even before I go to a wedding. It seems to be the way that whenever I go away even if it is just to my parents I seem to forget that alcohol gets you drunk and gives you a hangover. Last night with the wee man safely tucked up in bed snoring his head off we ate a leisurely evening meal with a couple bottles of wine. Most, I mean all, of the wine was drunk by me and my Father resulting in a late night and a very ill me this morning.

That bad feeling in my stomach quickly changes to guilt as I awake. 'He did really well last night didn't he?' I say to The Chancellor rolling over. 'Err no he was up four times crying and I had to see to him each time' She replies. 'Oh sorry love I didn't hear him'. Which is true. Plus It was probably wise that she settled our little treasure as I probably would have picked him up and tried to play with him at some dreadful hour of the night making it all much more worse. After this conversation in a moment I wish didn't happen I ask The Chancellor if she can change the wee man's nappy and see to him while I have a snooze and maybe sleep off the headache stage of the proceedings. The look says it all and I know my sleep in won't happen even if I do hide under the duvet pretending that no one saw me.

I try to shower which feels amazing as my skin sucks in any moisture it can but I am interrupted and forced to entertain the wee man as The Chancellor tries in vain to brush his teeth which is no easy task. 'Bugger off the pair of you' I say. With them gone I can finally just stand under the shower head feeling sorry for myself. I should give myself a big hug and say 'It's alright Jamie, I'll feel sorry for you, even if no one else does.' Well time to get in a suit and be forced to drink more free booze.


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