Thursday, 13 September 2012

Coffee and Carnage

Today the wee man and I are throwing our first ever inaugural coffee and cake meeting. Seven very nice ladies will descend upon our home with their children, most of whom can move pretty fast. Our house is far from baby proofed and by 'far from' I mean there is none at all. The wee man has come to realise this after picking up a number of bumps and bruises climbing where he shouldn't have been climbing. Including crawling into an open draw and falling on our vacuum cleaner. Silly baby.

So wearing my little pinny the house has been prepped, the floors hoovered, the bathroom cleaned, the many piles of mess hidden away into wardrobes and cupboards. Everything smells of roses and lavender and I skip happily through the rooms...Well maybe not it just smells of Fabrize and I do NOT wear a pinny. Not to worry I don't think any of them will mind and even if they do mind the mess there are all far too polite to say anything.

So this is a perfect chance for the wee man to show what he can do now he is on home turf. He has the crowd behind him and he has a lot to prove. The last meeting we had in another house the other babies were all happily playing with their toys in a group and the wee man was off rummaging through a bin. Then he crawled off and started poking a dog very nice dog in the face. Can you not just sit happily in a group and let me sit and have cup of coffee? Must I run after you all the time keeping you away from things that aren't intended for babies?

Am I going to regret today? Will I have all the babies punching my speaker cones like my son does? or will they be chewing on my CDs like my son does? or will they try and eat the laptop my son does. If you have one baby you can catch it in time but if you have eight all moving in different directions what should I save first, my speakers, my CDs, my DVDs, my sanity??!! Maybe I can get a giant cage...


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