Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I Got You Babe...

Is it Monday again? It really looks like it. I think Groundhog Day has begun. I half expected to hear the Sonny and Cher song on the radio this morning. The rain hasn't let up in 36 hours and there are no classes to drag myself out of the house for. I was only just saved by the wonders of Disney Pixar yesterday afternoon just to kill time before The Chancellor came home to rescue us. 

The wee man and I went in search of more animated fun this morning and were torn between a Waybuloo DVD or Kentucky Fried Zombies which sounds totally amazing and awful at the same time. I'm sure the wee man wouldn't really notice what was going on with all the blood and gore... However with the specter of The Chancellor looming above me I resisted  both but was much closer to buying the Star Wars duvet and pillow set. I was sure she would be really happy coming home to a bed full of Storm Troopers and Jedi. Though I feel I might have been sent back to shop for a refund tomorrow. I shouldn't be allowed to go shopping when I'm bored.

Coming back home via a couple of laps of the park I was stopped rather unexpectedly by a woman trying to sell me a gym membership. Remember it's still raining and half the city is probably flooded. 'Can I talk to you today about a gym membership?' She asks. 'Err...' I start, not wanting the state the obvious of the awful weather 'Sorry love I'm canny wet. I'm just on my way home.' I continue giving her a half smile walking off. She smiles in return and turns to wait for her next victim. If I really am in Groundhog Day I will ask her next time if she is oblivious to the horrendous conditions, mental or if her commission is just THAT good. Right, the wee man are off now to try and find Minnie Driver and escape that groundhog. Do you think she will be in Asda?


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