Sunday, 23 September 2012

One Small Step For Baby Kind...

Two points of order this morning. First of all The Chancellor spent a good hour cutting off my golden locks last night and I now do not look like a woman. Instead I look like a twelve year old boy. The curse of having a young looking face but that's a different neurosis for a different day. So you can all breath a heavy sigh of relief that the confusion that embarrassed me on Friday will not happen again. Sorted. Hopefully.

Second of all and probably more important than my hair and my beauty regime is that the wee man walked with his walker for the first time yesterday. Having stood by himself the other day I thought that's all I would get for a while but with a jubilant and determined look on his face he charged off behind his walker all the way across the living room floor to his Mother. Well I never. That well and truly makes up for getting yourself stuck under the washing basket today doesn't it son?! The Chancellor is also pretty happy because he has saved a number of his firsts for when she is here. Does it say something that he wants to walk to her first? Maybe she waved some money at him. I would have crawled to her if she waved a tenner at me seeing as I have only pennies in my wallet.

So this morning as The Chancellor applied her mud mask in the bath the wee man and I did lap after lap of walking in the hallway. If the front door wasn't there I assume he would just keep going into the road. None of us want that though. Maybe I shouldn't be trying to make him the next Michael Phelps. Maybe it should be Usain Bolt, that would certainly mean more money for me. I can imagine him doing the 100 metres and getting bored halfway and walking off like today getting bored of his walker and crawling off to eat the bed frame. Concentration my lad is the key. Maybe I could be his Yoda.


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