Monday, 24 September 2012

Riders on The Storm

'A storm warning is in force for parts of England today...with risks of floods in the North East'. Just what you want to hear on a Monday morning. 60mph winds possible and lots and lots and lots of rain. You know it will be a long day from the moment you hear this.

You would think though this kind of weather would perturb the stay at home parent but no. We are a strange bunch because there are two important things that need to happen in a day and both of them usually involve leaving the house. The first thing is napping. This HAS to happen or you will have a very cranky child who won't do anything you want it to. If your child is like the wee man and sees his cot as adventure time then you must pack them into the pushchair and head outside. This happened this morning, four or five times I tried in the cot before I just gave up and went for a walk in the 60mph winds and all that rain. I wasn't the only parent wrapped in their waterproofs walking around the local park in a small storm. With each parent passed there was a knowing looking given between us of 'Yep, it's wet, yep I'm miserable being wet but I HAVE to get out of the house no matter what'.

This brings us to the second point of cabin fever. Even if the wee man had napped at home I would still have gone out in the rain just for fresh air and a change from the same four walls. Cabin fever is awful and even if you haven't got a little child to take care of you know what it feels like to stuck inside all day. Now take that feeling and add a fussy child into the mix and you will understand why I have to get out.

I used to have a job where I was outside all year no matter the conditions and I thought finally I had escaped this when I took over from The Chancellor but no here I am again trudging around in the North East rain cold. Just a bit of sun this afternoon, please???      

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