Thursday, 27 September 2012

Night Time Is Not The Right Time

Blogs have a lot to answer for and can put sizable strain on marriages. Especially when you force The Chancellor to help you for two hours in an attempt to put a bloody Facebook Like button on your page. In return I had to rub her feet as she, tutted, sighed and fiddled with weird computer code. There is always a catch. At one point we managed to put a button on the page but it told us that 1 million people liked my page. Now I have high hopes for this blog but I'm not sure I can get away with that. So until I get a computer tech to help me I will tell you I do have a Facebook page just search for One Man and a Wee Bairn. If you feel the need or just feel sorry for me please press like. Right with that bit of admin out of the way...

My Mum said to me a while ago that lack of sleep is worse after your baby has been sleeping through for a while and then starts to wake again. I of course didn't believe her. But sitting here with a giant pot of coffee, while the wee man eats his breakfast, I am exhausted and must admit she was right.

For a while now including last night my darling son has been getting up through the night again requiring me to go through and see to him as The Chancellor lies in bed pretending not to hear him. Oh to work full time and not have to get up through the night. I am usually greeted as I peer through the dark of his room by two little eyes and a smiling face. Last night I found him standing up in his cot, bouncing, grinning and having a good shout. 'Yes this is all very endearing but it's 4:30 in the morning.' After putting him back to bed I return to the amazing warmth and comfort of my bed but it's short lived as an hour later he is up again and this time he has managed to break free of his sleeping bag. This is actually pretty impressive and he looks very proud of himself. Again I put him down and get another hour of snoozing. But no. He is up and I give up on sleep somewhere before 7 o'clock hits.

We had the good life for a month or so. That amazing feeling of rested sleep that came after 8 months of not sleeping. For this month he slept through and got up at a decent hour. We became quite smug, the kind of smug I ranted about in an earlier blog. But everything is a phase and now I have to go and buy some Pro Plus.


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