Sunday, 16 September 2012

Have I Lost My Masculinity Somewhere?

I got to speak to men today. This may sound very strange but my weeks as you can imagine are spent mostly in the company of women. This isn't all bad as the women I know and hang out with are all very nice and embrace me warmly. But every now and again I feel the need to speak to fellow men. Occasionally a Dad will turn up to the baby groups I go to and I see that look of terror in his eyes as he enters the room and it takes me back to those first baby groups I attended by myself. I feel I may be a dash over enthusiastic with the Dads who come to these groups and in my mind I am an over excitable dog shouting 'YOU'RE A MAN! I'M A MAN TOO! WE CAN TALK ABOUT MAN THINGS. DO YOU WANT TO PLAY CATCH?' I need to reign myself I think.

But in truth there is a loneliness in being a stay at home Dad, with there being only a small proportion in UK and an even smaller proportion in the North East who actually do the job. You don't get a chance to talk to a fellow Dad about the pressures and responsibilities of keeping a little thing alive day in day out. I know that Mothers do exactly the same job but they seem to have loads of other Mothers around them feeling the same way and doing the same thing.

So The Chancellor and I took the wee man out to meet his little friends today. The level of cake making was exceptional and I even got to bring home a bag of cakes. Ace. Anyway I got a chance to have some male interaction especially after the week we have had with the little man. Some of our friends have had similar illness problems and they feel as tired as we do. It reels you back in knowing there are other people who are experiencing the same thing, especially other Dads even if they aren't doing it full time. I can hear the violin playing in the background right now.

Ok I've got to stop. Sorry for that little bit of self pity, I'm going to watch some football while eating a steak and looking at hot women on my phone. Time to man up!


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