Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday, Monday

'Monday, Monday ba da ba da da da'  So the week starts again and the long journey to Friday begins with a bit of The Mammas and The Pappas. After crying into my pillow with the previous blog post, apologies, I have manned up and along with the wee man, who has returned to his usual self, have been hitting the streets hard in a vain attempt to find something to do. So far I have managed; going to the doctors to hand in a prescription and going to the bank to find out I had even less money than I thought. I didn't even think this was possible. So I am now waiting for a phone call from The Chancellor who will probably ask 'What have you been buying?' I have of course hidden or burnt any offending receipts that would get me into trouble. Deny everything!

Mondays are generally slow days. I used to go to a group but there were some mean women there who would make little comments about me not doing things right, so I thought sod you lot I'm not coming back. The wee man didn't get much from it either and I'm not paying good money on being patronised or embarrassed. So now I have a hole in my Mondays. What to do? What to do? 'Every other day, every other day, every other day of the week is fine, fine yeah' It's true every other day is full of things to do. What to do?

The sun is out (kind of) so I suppose I should get some vitamin D into the wee man. He seems pretty wired after a substantial and stress free lunch so an outdoor activity may be the winner or I can take him to a soft play and let him bomb around until he passes out which would give me some time to sit and just stare at a wall. But the dreaded call just came in and I must return to the bank to move some money around. So I now must teach my son how to rob Peter to pay Paul and scrape through another month. I hope he is taking in all these valuable life lessons. There are plenty more to come in his life from me...


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