Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk

Finally normality, or as far as normality in my life can go, has returned. After two days of rain, rain and more rain and looking at the same four walls, I finally saw the sun this morning and finally left the house with some purpose.

Oh the unbridled joy of being able to talk to someone or more like talk at them. Most women in the group had suffered the same problem as me and it was like a valve being opened as everyone greeted each other before the session. You could probably see the stream rising from each of us. I don't think I've spoken to as many women in one go before. 'blah blah blah blah blah, moan moan moan moan' I say making up for lost time reeling off a list of complaints or successes that I have encountered in last two days. I'm like a man possessed or reborn or just thankful. I never thought I could be this sociable. The wee man is excited too at a new range of toys and books. He must be, as he finally gets to see a different face to mine.

With the group finished, we move onto coffee and with a good caffeine kick inside I'm away again. 'blah blah blah blah, moan moan moan moan'. There's no stopping me, well until the coffee high ends and I slump back in my chair exhausted. But everyone is in the same boat. As the conversations continue you can see the shoulders drop and a look of relief come across the faces, including mine. We return home all talked out and happy ready for eggy bread. Thankfully we have things booked in for the rest of the week so you won't see me write 'All work and no play makes Jamie a dull boy...'

Winter, I think, is going to be a very long season.


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