Saturday, 22 September 2012

Short Back and Sides Please

I do love a Saturday. This is because The Chancellor is here for two days but mainly because I get to sleep in. This morning I awoke to a happy looking and giggling baby poking and punching me in the face. He takes delight in finding my face under the duvet and clawing away at it. He's like some excitable puppy, after a long sleep, not knowing what to do with himself.

'Go and get breakfast items.' Orders The Chancellor from the doorway. 'Why me?' I ask protecting my face from the puppy. 'because it's the manly thing to do.' When did we start getting gender specific in this house?  I wouldn't have cared so much about this comment if I hadn't have been called a woman yesterday. The swimming lessons take place in a school after all the pupils go home. There is some cross over as the children are leaving and we as a group are arriving. One teacher yesterday asked a child to wait while I pushed the push chair through a door. 'Can you wait please for this lady to come through' she asks the pupil.
I go through the door and say 'I'm actually a man.'  She laughs uncomfortably and apologises and I can hear my friend behind laughing hysterically.

Now I know I have longish hair, model like cheek bones and don't have the required testosterone levels to be viewed as an alpha male (physically speaking) but surely I have enough masculine features to seen as a man? The teacher tries to back track 'I'm sorry I didn't look at your face I just assumed because of the pushchair'. I smile weakly and continue on my way.

I think the time has come for The Chancellor to cut my Samson-esque hair and I can start the two year odyssey that is growing a beard.

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