Thursday, 25 July 2013

Back For Good

Just over a month ago we set off for our holiday to Devon, today we finally got home for good. We will finally be able to unpack our stuff and get back to a type of normality. The Chancellor isn't back at work until next week, so we might be able to get back to some of those jobs that still need to be done. After all that has been going on we still need to move house and we may get back to some painting but we are no longer in as much of a rush as there are still jobs to do back down in Leeds. Until they're done we're probably not going anywhere.

Child #2 is growing nicely and there is even a little bump now. Though The Chancellor can't tell if it's the meal we ate last night. Taking advantage of being around family The Chancellor and I had a date night last night, the first in...well a while. This consisted of a meal out, at a restaurant we used to visit regularly when we just 'going out', followed by drinks in a bar. Seeing as The Chancellor is pregnant I was doing all the drinking but I think this was the case before we got pregnant again. Naturally being parents the night finished somewhere before ten but still we enjoyed ourselves and we know that after #2 is born we won't be doing this...ever again.

It's amazing how quickly you can slip back into a former life when you are away from your children. We found this last year when we went away for a couple of nights. You quickly stop looking for the high chair at dinner time or wondering where and what your child is doing. You can actually sit in a chair and close your eyes without having a child screech at you or poke you in the eye.

I know some people don't like being away from their children but I think that it's a really important thing to do. They need to get used to you being away and we, as parents, need a break from the insanity. We are lining up a nights break later this year and I already can't wait. A nice hotel, a great dinner, some nice wine and a lie in in the morning, who's with me?


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