Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Wee Man, The Naughty Man

I would imagine that because of events down in London at the moment no one will read this blog. To be honest it's taking me a while to write this as the tennis is on in the background. Anyway despite the running around and grunting I'll write this anyway.

I have said recently that the wee man has been great on our travels and this is true but since we've come home he's been nothing but trouble. This is strange as you would have thought he would be better at home than he would be away. We go back to Leeds tomorrow for an indefinite time and let's hope he goes back to his easy going holiday ways.

Since our return home he has only slept through once in five nights. This is after weeks and months of sleeping through the night. After everything we have been through and the amount of miles we've clocked up we are pretty damn tired and the wee man is doing nothing to help us. Why he doesn't feel settled here of all places is anyone's guess.

Since we've been back he seems to have hit another developmental period and has become more willful and naughty, disobeying us at every turn. We tell him to stop touching paint pots and he goes back to touch the paint pots again, this goes on for a while until we really have to shout at him. He then, through frustration, looks for something to throw and generally throws the first thing he can find. Tiresome doesn't quite cut it as it's not just the paint pots it's everything he shouldn't have. We're looking forward to this stage being over that's for sure.


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