Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Silly Daddy

We here at HQ we always pride ourselves on the fact that we're not morons. Though sometimes I slip through that net and do things that in hindsight aren't good ideas. Take today for example. The weather has hovered around the 30 degree mark here in Leeds and I am rubbish with hot weather, though I do tan impressively. So to combat this fear of the sun I thought that the best place to go with the wee man would be Tropical World. Yes Tropical World.

My first mistake was to think that being under giant glasshouses would be cooler than outdoors. However I had a full proof plan and one that was so cunning that no one else would have thought of it. The plan went thus- it will be hot in Tropical World which means that when I come back outside it will all seem cooler and I will be able to deal with the heat better. The plan didn't work as well as I had hoped however. In one of the tropical rooms the temperature hit 42 degrees and quickly my t-shirt got soaked from my sweat and I was close to collapsing. The wee man and I lasted for all of ten minutes and I've never walked around as quickly as we did today.

When we finally found an exit it seemed even hotter outside and we took to sitting under a tree for a while drinking Capri Sun. Next time it's this hot I'll do the sensible thing and go to an air conditioned shop or sit in a freezer for a while. It doesn't help that my parent's house is also like a greenhouse and it took the wee man a good couple of hours to get to sleep last night. The same could be said for us. Give me my crumbling old freezing flat any day.


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