Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Beginning Of The End

Who are you most influenced by? Have a think, go on. I personally can name a few people. For the wee man it seems to be any child who is older than him.

Today we went to my Godfather's place for lunch, wine and opera. All three by the way were excellent but the wee man got to play with a boy who is about eight months older than him and he loved it. The developmental difference of eight months is huge and I mean huge. Vocab, control and interaction are all more advanced and even the wee man seemed to notice this. In the space of an afternoon the wee man watched everything his new friend was doing and even his vocabulary has expanded by a couple of words.

I have felt for a while that the wee man needs more in the way of interaction with children and the time has come for a playgroup or a nursery to be introduced a couple of days a week. This new phase for him will also spell the end of my full time care of the wee man. For the record after a year off I don't want to go back to work but who would? A year of coffee, cake and trips to the beach? Who would want to leave that? It might take me a little while for me to be reintroduced into society.

However in truth I think I've done all I can with one on one care. He is now seeking out children for interaction and it's in all our interests to make this happen. For selfish reasons I would love to stay doing this but I knew that it wouldn't last forever. Not everything has been easy as you would imagine, especially if you've read this blog regularly. But that doesn't mean I want to return to the world of work.

It might well take us a little time to organise things and I would like, by the time number two comes, for him to be settled in a place even if it's for a couple of mornings a week. This might also give me time to sit and close my eyes for a couple of hours, though tell this to The Chancellor and she might well say I've more important things to do than just sit and rest my eyes.

In the end it's sad to think this special time is coming to an end, onto the next era.


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