Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Wee Man, The Climber

The wee man as you know is fairly accident prone. He has been known to walk into door frames and fall over from running so fast his body can't keep up. The one thing he hasn't done yet is fall down a flight of stairs, until today. In truth it was only half the flight but it was enough to give us all a bit of a scare. I was waiting at the top for him to come up but as he made it to the halfway point he slipped and went flying backwards. Cue me rushing down stairs and checking him all over for blood. Thankfully aside from having a good cry he was fine and it hasn't in any way put him off trying to climb the stairs again. Actually as I write off he goes again, so just wait a mome...

He just sees it as a big game and has a good giggle every time I chase him up the stairs. When my father got home and I told him the story he wasn't at all concerned saying "All the best ones fall down the stairs at one point or another in their life", wise words indeed. I along with my sister apparently fell down the stairs in my formative years and I don't think it did us any harm, or none that I can see anyway.

It must be a boy thing in that all he wants to do is climb to the highest peak he can find and then once atop the thing he has climbed stretches his arms out to the sky and grins. Is he due to climb K2 or Everest in the near future? His godfather is a climber so he could always get advice from him. Until then I am going to buy an American football helmet and safety pads for him and hope that when he falls next time he bounces more than he did today. Poor lad.


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