Thursday, 11 July 2013

Oh THAT's Why The Chancellor Feels Sick...

Good tidings today dear blog readers. There has been something I've been wanting to tell you for a while but on pain of death I've had to shut my mouth. One Man and a Wee Bairn will be changing its name to One Man, a Wee Bairn and a Even Weeer Bairn. Yes I have successfully impregnated The Chancellor...Oh wait it this a good thing? No of course it is but you can see why we are so desperate to move house and into somewhere that can house another child. The dynasty continues.

We've known for a while mainly because The Chancellor has been very sick and likes to tell me this over and over again. However this pregnancy was more of a surprise to us than it was to anyone else. We had trouble with the wee man and required some fertility treatment to bring him into existence but this time with my second heir he/she was totally natural and has left us all a little shell shock. Cue mad scramble to sell the house.

I actually announced this news yesterday for my Baby Centre blog (sorry for the favouritism) and I go into a wee bit more detail about the fertility treatment side of things. Just click this link if I haven't bored you enough  with this whole subject.

So I will enjoy the time I have remaining before a second little creature arrives and cries for months on end and demands every ounce of my attention. All this with a very fast moving toddler. The countdown begins...


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