Friday, 12 July 2013

Impending Doom

Now that the cat's out of the bag so to speak I feel I can relax a little when writing One Man. The idea of having another child took a while to sink in, as you would imagine, but slowly it's seeped into my conscience and now there is nothing but panic in my temporal lobe. Let me explain to you the things that are on my mind and why they scare me.

  1. The Wee Man (Latin: Weemanius Maximus). This creature is a Roadrunner of the quickest variety. I've already had heart palpitations at the thought of the wee man dashing off into the road while I'm pushing a new born around. Though as I was telling Funny Mummy today I hope that by the time the baby is born the wee man might have calmed down a bit...Am I being silly here? Would this at all be possible?
  2. The New Born Baby (Latin: Cryous Allotus). This creature cries a lot and doesn't sleep when the rest of us sleep. It took the wee man eight months to sleep through and it was bloody hard work. Why are we doing this again? Oh my God I can't do this, I'm off the Mexico...
  3. A New House (Latin: Can't Affordus What We Wantus). This Creature will finish me off when we finally get round to sorting it. We live in a two bed flat and there is no way we can have four people in this place. A new house is a must but with everything else going on at the moment we're not going to get this sorted anytime soon. 
  4. My Sanity (Latin: Knackeredus Maximus). This creature is on its last legs and one more surprise might just see the end of a once happy and relaxed mind. The less I think about this the better.

In a short blog this is all I can bring myself to write about. If I think any harder about it all then I will scare myself and I won't come out from under the duvet. Any advice on second children would be greatly appreciated but only nice advice will be welcome. You can keep your horror stories to yourself...


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