Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sad Times

We, here at HQ, are reeling from a very difficult few days. Half an hour after our return to Leeds, for a stop over from our holiday drive home, we got the call that my mother-in-law had died from a heart attack while still being in the South West of the country. She was about to return home when it happened and it has left us all in a state of shock. It hit us with no prior warning and suddenly our world has changed massively. For now we're living out of the same suitcase we had on holiday but aim to return home to Newcastle tomorrow to try and sort ourselves out a bit before we return to Leeds to organise the funeral.  

Disbelief and shock are the main feelings of all the family and people further a field who we've had to tell. The process of this in itself has been an awful experience for everyone and not one that any of us want to go through again anytime soon. Everyone though has been wonderful in sharing their love, support and time and I thank you all for that.

The wee man has lost a wonderful Grandma who showered him with love, affection and generosity. During our holiday together she had spent a great deal of time with him and a great bond had begun to develop, it is a crying shame that the bond won't be able to grow into something greater. Memories and pictures however will remain and as the wee man grows and begins to understand life more we will never let him forget who his Grandma was and what affect she had on his young life.

Once everything calms down we will look back at the great moments of her life rather than the sadness that it finished with. The thing we should be most thankful about and remember is that she spent the last week of her life with her sons and daughter, her grandson and her in-laws. I don't think she would have wanted it any other way. She will be badly missed.



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