Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Death Of Sharing

Eureka! Some time ago I wrote a Baby Centre blog about the joys of science museums. Today we went to one. Eureka! in Halifax is a wonderful places with something for all the family. Great food, great toilets, great... If I sound like a sales assistant then it's because they may give me free passes for mentioning them. I'll be holding my breath for them to arrive in the post.

The place is great, however as you would imagine it was full of other people's children. Now for a while I've been worried about sharing. But having seen the children of all ages today I now know that no child shares. NO child.

An example was a device where you could put a ball through a hole and the machine pushed it around and about and eventually came out a shoot at the end. The idea was that you put your ball in and watch it through the perspex and wait for it to come out. Now, there were some horrid children who stole the balls from smaller children and didn't wait their turn and pushed everyone else out of the way. My faith in children being nice and sharing is now dead. The parents didn't help much as little children the wee man's age were trampled and elbowed out of the way. Poor buggers. I had to mussel my way in just to let the wee man have a go. Also I wanted a go (I too can not share).

If it didn't come with a lifetime ban from the place and possibly a prison sentence I would have thrown these kids out to learn how to behave. Do you think I could get refund because of annoying kids?



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