Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Home Alone

First off today I have a slice of Baby Centre for you. This week I have had a medium sized meltdown over the fact that I will be having more than one child. If you want to ease my worry then read, comment and say soothing things to me.

So on to today and you never quite appreciate what two sets of hands really do until one of the sets goes missing for a couple of days. The Chancellor has gone away for a couple of days to sort things for Monday leaving the wee man and I to do it on our own for a while.

This is, at seven o'clock, the first time I've really sat down today. Some of you reading this may be saying "wow seven o'clock you've got it good". And indeed this is good to a point and I just hope that I don't hear any whimpering noises for the next twelve hours. I haven't been sleeping very well at the moment so I need the wee man to give me a full night though as tired as I am there is a chance I won't wake up and he'll just have to sort himself out.

One of our friends admitted after a night of being alone with his son that he wasn't sure if the son had woken as he himself had slept fine so just assumed the son did. I used to do this when I worked. I would wake in the morning and say "He did really well last night didn't he?", The Chancellor though would turn and look at me and say "I was up four time with him". Ah, my bad I didn't hear him. Now though after a year of being on look (hear)-out I have adjusted my ears and now I wake at the slightest noise. This is tedious, very tedious and The Chancellor will now often poke me in the night and say "I think he's awake." This mean get your ass of bed and sort it. Tedious.


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