Thursday, 4 July 2013

Toddler Wrestling

Through all the chaos in recent days I forgot to tell you that I had a Baby Centre blog published this week. You can probably tell from it that I'm not the biggest fan of Michael Gove. But to be fair who is? Anyway click on the link and have a read.

It doesn't take long for you, after a holiday, to slip back into normality. Of course at the moment we are far from normality, though today we got on with some of the day to day jobs we have to do and the wee man returned to normal playing with his little friends.

Camel Clutch
For a break we went to visit some of our friends and the wee man was able to catch up also with his little friends. His best mate is Funny Mummy's son and the pair of them have a habit of taking great enjoyment in pushing each other around. Literally pushing each other. It's all in good jest but one day one of them will go flying and probably break an arm.

Today the wee man took the wrestling to a new level. While his little friend was on lying on his front the wee man decided to get on his back and jump up and down. Now if you know your WWF moves the move is called the Camel Clutch. It was a little like the picture to the right but imagine it with toddlers and not as violent or brutal or probably not in any way similar.

The worst thing about this was that the wee man was giggling to myself as he tried to mount his little friend. I'm sure though that Funny Mummy's will get his revenge probably by hitting the wee man with a Tombstone or Razor's Edge. You probably don't have a clue what I'm on about but they're pretty cool moves and they're all sanctioned by parents everywhere.


Picture: Andrea Hermann/ Flickr

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