Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Life Of A Parent

Today I don't want to talk about children, I've said more than enough about the children who are both here and in utero. Instead I want to use this blog to talk about cricket. Yes let's talk about The Ashes... actually nah not really. If I did spend this precious time talking about cricket my readership would plummet, unless you're all cricket nuts, is this true? One Man and Some Cricket Whites?

After 300 odd days of blogging what more is there to tell about the wee man and his antics or me and the lengths I go to to get some quiet alone time. This quiet alone time by the way will become non-existent by the time little baby number two comes along. But what I'm trying to say is that when you're a parent your life is just about children. Your Facebook statuses are about the kids, your conversations are about the kids, your shopping is about the kids. Everyone else gets pissed off with you constantly talking about your kids. But still we talk about the kids.

Everything changes very quickly once that first child is born and what changes even quicker are those little and big things that used to make up 'you'. Long gone are those picture uploads of that fancy holiday on a remote island somewhere or those pictures of drinks after work or those mentions of you sitting in a park with a glass of Pimms (I don't drink Pimms by the way).

When someone asks, "What have you been up to?" the only thing I think of saying is kids stuff. Maybe just maybe there was a night where one of us went out to somewhere where kids didn't frequent and we indulged in a glass of wine. Maybe I managed to go for a swim one night but these things aren't that interesting in a conversation. To us parents they are golden moments in a week to everyone else we are just boring people who are in bed by half nine.

I can see how people age very quickly with children, it isn't their fault it's just life and shifting of priorities. I have a friend who I'll call Pot Bey (don't ask), he often sends me a message at silly o'clock in the morning to say he is just getting in from a night out and I get this message just as I'm getting up with the wee man. Like ships in the night we pass but I'm not sure which one of us is more tired. Probably me, lucky bugger.



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