Monday, 15 July 2013

The Wee Man, The Hand Holder

I told you some time ago about the wee man and little girlfriend. My good friend Sensory Mummy's daughter and he have been friends for a while and have even hugged on occasion. But today they took their relationship to a new level. At our Monday playgroup they held hands as they ran back and forth across the room, smiling and giggling at each other as they did so. Now normally my heart is made of stone and not even the slushiest moment in a movie or on TV shows has any affect on me. But I must say today I said "Awwwww" as I watched them. And I tell you what it really was a truly heart warming moment. Let it be known for the record that I didn't cry, I really didn't no matter what anyone else says.

When we were away on holiday and the subsequent days we were in Leeds sorting things for my mother-in-law's funeral I was worried that the wee man wasn't spending enough time with other children. He can sometimes be a little 'handsey' with other children and I was worried that so much time away from interaction would be detrimental to him. However it doesn't appear to have had much an affect on him. His new found love of holding hands is quite remarkable and eases my worry that he'll turn into a sociopathic killer.

So should I be booking the wedding venue now? Or making a place in my heart for a new daughter in law? However I must say that when the pair have to suddenly share something their love for one another takes a turn for the worse and they shriek at each other. But this is quickly forgotten and they go back to the lovey dovey stuff.

The day your children are old enough to get girlfriends/boyfriends must be a very strange day indeed. Is it at this point that you notice how pathetic you were as a love struck teenager? All those times you wanted to throw up when your parents said "There are plenty more fish in the sea" or "She was never good enough for you anyway", these will be said by me and by you and it will terrify us all. Never mind we can just drink through the pain of becoming old and boring...


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