Saturday, 20 July 2013

G.I. Wee Man

This morning I went to buy a suit. I left the wee man as a long haired surfer type but returned, surprisingly, to find that The Chancellor had taken him for a hair cut and he now looks like some army soldier. I've never been one for the short back and sides look and there are plenty of pictures, now hidden away, of me with long purple hair. Luckily The Chancellor doesn't know where they are and it will remain that way. I liked my long hair but unfortunately life got in the way and I would just look stupid now. I probably looked stupid then too but that's not the point.

Anyway for a moment when I came home I didn't quite recognise the wee man as I had grown accustomed to his long blond locks. He seems now for some reason to be a proper little boy and all grown up. I had visions of him with his old hair working in a surf shop somewhere and thoroughly enjoying life in the waves. Now though I'm expecting him to go and join Her Majesty's army.

The barber apparently ran lots of gel through the hair after it was done and he looked liked Bart Simpson for a while but I put a stop to that and now it's flat again. It seems bizarre that we're at a stage where use of hair products on a toddler is deemed OK. He is only a little boy and impressing the girls surely is a long way away. Any roads he has a girlfriend already so he only needs to impress her. I remember my first forais with hair gel and it didn't end well, I looked like an idiot. Oh to be young and naive.


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