Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Wee Man, The Jedi Apprentice

This weekend the wee man has been introduced to something for the first time. Star Wars. For the past two days episodes IV and V have been on TV and I thought it about time that my son and I had some real bonding time over sci-fi movies. The Chancellor wasn't invited back for the second viewing today after making such comments yesterday as "This is Return of The Jedi right?" (we were watching a New Hope) and "I've never really watched Star Wars." Indeed there is always a first time but after all this time with me I've lost patience so she's banned.

Keeping the wee man's attention is quite a hard thing to do. Mr Tumble manages it as does In the Night Garden but Star Wars took it to a whole new level. He was engrossed especially today during the Empire Strikes Back and the battle of Hoth. It's all those laser beams. The day he can express his desire to watch them back to back while I struggle with a hangover on the sofa will be be a great day. Also because my desire to build Lego Star Wars is so strong, the day he wants to build ships with me will be wonderful. 

Of course I could go out and buy the Millennium Falcon and build it myself and then play with it, by myself, but people moan at me enough without adding something like that to the list. I must wait a little while longer. Like Yoda said today "You must learn control." Wise words Yoda and ones that I'll be sure to heed.

Until then I'll just have to play with my old school action figures and vehicles. Out of sight obviously as only a true fan would understand why someone my age still wants to play with toys.



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